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2013- 2014

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October 15, 2013

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Students are required to follow the Academic Handbook and Code of Student Responsibility

Course Requirements

Students should have sufficient knowledge in calculus, statistics, programming, and mathematical sciences to enter the program. If students need to acquire these skills one or more of the following courses will be required: GSB 420; MAT 135; MAT 137; MAT 140.

Students complete the MS in Marketing Analysis by taking seven required courses and five elective courses for a total of 12 courses.    

Core Courses

Elective Courses

Students are to select two additional courses from marketing (MKT) and three courses from the Analytical Group for a total of five courses from the following list of approved electives.  Please note that approved electives may have prerequisites that are not part of the M.S.M.A. curriculum and will not be waived.

Marketing Electives

The Analytical Group

Degree Requirements

  • Satisfactory completion of the college residency requirement.
  • Completion of the seven required courses, or their substitutes as approved by the Chair of the Marketing Department: 28 quarter hours.
  • Completion of five elective courses to be selected from a list of 13 approved electives such that two are from marketing and three are from the analytical group: 20 quarter hours.
  • All courses for credit toward the degree must be completed within six calendar years after the candidate’s first term of enrollment in the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. After a lapse of six years a course is expired. An expired course is not acceptable for the purpose of satisfaction of degree requirements and is not applicable to the degree.