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Winter/Spring/Summer 2014-2015
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October 17, 2014

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Course Requirements

The concentration in Strategic Global Marketing requires the following four courses:

Students are encouraged to consult with department faculty for related elective courses. 

IB 500


This course is designed to be an introduction to the economic environment in which businesses operate. With the increasing interdependence of national economies and the growing role of global enterprises, the understanding of international economic issues is vital to decision-makers. The material covered will include both socio-cultural aspects and economic and financial dimensions of global business. Students should obtain a grasp of the basic theory as well as a knowledge of the major current issues in the global economy. (FORMERLY ECO 556)

FIN 557


International Finance integrates the financial activities, institutions, and multinationals of the global finance arena. In addition to extending the tools of financial analysis to an international setting, the course studies the strategies available to a multinational because of operations in a multiple of countries. Topics include foreign currency and political risk, capital budgeting in a multinational setting, and cash flow management between countries.
FIN 555 and GSB 420 are prerequisites for this class.

ACC 567


This course covers the federal income taxation of United States persons investing or doing business outside the United States and nonresident aliens and foreign corporations having nexus with the United States. Topics covered include, among others, the foreign tax credit, Subpart F income, controlled foreign corporations, sourcing rules and expatriate taxation. NOTE: This is a M.S.T. course.
ACC 551 and ACC 558 are a prerequisite for this class.

MGT 557


The object of this course is to develop clear awareness of the international business operations, practices and environment. It provides the concepts, methods and tools necessary to face the global challenges in international management. The objective is met through lectures, classroom discussions, library assignments and research work. Students will learn the effective use of the international business references. By the end of the course, they are expected to have developed a high level of competency in acquiring, understanding, analyzing and synthesizing international management information from international business directories, databases and CD-ROMs.

MKT 798


Content and format of this course is variable. An in-depth study of current issues in marketing.