Course Requirements

Introductory Courses

Foundation Courses

Advanced Courses

Major Elective Courses

SE courses in the 421-699 range and courses from the list below qualify as Major Elective Courses. Students must take 3 major elective courses. At least 2 must be SE courses.

Enterprise Software Development 

Software Architecture 

Computer Security 

Distributed Systems 

Project Management 

User Centered Development 

Programming Languages and Compiler 

Gaming and Entertainment Technology 

Software Engineering Research 

The Master's Project or Thesis must represent an original contribution to the area, and may include system development, empirical studies, or theoretical work. The scope and the details of the research project will be determined by the research supervisor, and must be approved by the student's academic advisor.

CDM Open Electives

Students must complete one CDM Open Elective Course in the 421-699 range. ANI, DC, DMA, TV, and VFX courses do not qualify. Credit for courses taken outside of the school will only be given if approved by a faculty advisor.


Students must complete the following courses as a sequence in consecutive quarters.