Course Requirements 

Students complete a total of 13 courses (52 quarter hours). Core requirements  account for 11 courses ( 44 credit hours) and electives account for 2 courses (8 credit hours).

Core Courses

Specialization Requirements​

Students must also complete the requirements from one of the following specializations: General Track, Sustainable Development Management or Global Policy Analysis.

​Language Requirements

The IPS requires proficiency in a foreign language. A second language is essential for a successful career in international public service. International Public Service students aspiring to a long-term international career should demonstrate proficiently in English and ONE other language appropriate to the student’s field or geographical interests. Students will fulfill this requirement in one of the following ways:

  • By taking a language placement test.
  • By being in possession of an undergraduate major in a foreign language within the last 5 years.
  • By passing the TOEFL Internet exam with a score of 96 or above.

The common languages for an international career are: Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish. The Language Placement Test at DePaul University is also available for German, Italian, Japanese and Polish. To fulfill this requirement students must take the test during their first quarter and score at minimum of ‘low-intermediate’ level. This corresponds to a placement for a 104-course number.

Study Abroad Requirement

Students in the IPS program are required to take at least ONE course abroad. These unique one to two week study abroad trips allow both full-time and part-time students to participate.

International Work/Internship Requirements

Students must complete substantial professional experience in an international or intercultural setting. Students with such experience may request a waiver by submitting a letter describing the extent of their work in international or cross-cultural countries and organizations. In this case, students choose an alternative four-credit hour course with the director's approval. Students without such experience enroll in MPS 610 while completing an internship with an appropriate organization.​

​ ​

MPS 614


This seminar introduces students to the contemporary international affairs of the United Nations and connected agencies, programs and organizations. Through conferences with high level UN representatives, students gain an inside view of this complex inter-governmental organization in its operations for peace and security, poverty reduction and development, human rights and humanitarian affairs and international relations and international law.