The global policy analysis specialization offers the international competencies and policy analysis skills for a career assessing global issues and programs for poverty reduction, gender empowerment, economic development and human security. Besides the shared required courses in the program, students enrolled in this specialization should take the following course sequence.

Course Requirements

Thesis O​​ption

Students with a grade point average of 3.5 or above may choose the thesis option and replace MPS 593  with MPS 598 .

MPS 597


Elective, 4-credit hour course available to students with MPS CGPA of 3.75 or greater. For MPS Fellows taking MPS 593, Integrated Seminar, or MPS 598, Thesis Research I, during the academic year, meets roughly every other week during winter and spring terms. Seminar includes distinguished academic and professional guest lectures and presentations of research by Fellows.