Course Requirements 

Students complete 12 courses (48 credits) to graduate from the M.A. in WRD program. Program requirements vary based on whether the student declares a concentration and the student's choice of exit requirement.

Required Course (4 credits)

Rhetoric and Discourse Courses (12 credits)

Optional Concentrations (16 Credits)

Professional & Technical Writing

Teaching Writing & Language

Electives (8-32 credits)

  • Elective credits are based on whether a student selects a concentration and on choice of exit requirement. Students may take up to two non-WRD courses at DePaul to count toward their degree, upon approval by the Graduate Committee. For students who select the Portfolio Exit Requirement, WRD 595 INDEPENDENT STUDY may also be taken as an elective in the program.  

Exit Requirement (0-8 credits, based on choice of exit requirement)

Portfolio Exit Requirement

  • Students selecting the Portfolio option will prepare a portfolio of original and exceptional work completed while in the program. This option is recommended for most students in the program, regardless of concentration area.

Final Project Exit Requirement

  • Students selecting the Final Project option will prepare a 25- to 30-page paper or project equivalent in rigor and scope, consisting either of independent research or a detailed literature review. Students will enroll in WRD 595 INDEPENDENT STUDY (4 credits) to complete the paper under the advisement of a WRD faculty member.

Thesis Exit Requirement

  • The Thesis option is recommended only for students who have the strong desire and time to invest in completion of a rigorous intellectual project in a focused area of interest. This is most likely to include students who intend to continue their graduate education at the Ph.D. level. Students selecting the thesis option will prepare a 50- to 75-page thesis demonstrating substantial and in-depth research on a focused topic. Students will enroll in WRD 598 THESIS RESEARCH for two consecutive quarters (8 credits) to support completion of the thesis under the advisement of a WRD faculty member.