Course Requirements

​Students will achieve the successful completion of a minimum of 76 quarter hours of graduate credit beyond the bachelor's degree and will complete a traditional Master's Thesis and a Doctoral Dissertation.

Core Courses

Statistics and Methodology

Other Psychology and Interdisciplinary Courses

Other Program Requirements

Although an applicant is accepted into the M.A./Ph.D. community program, formal acceptance and admission to doctoral candidacy depends upon the student's satisfactory progress in meeting the various demands of graduate education and professional training.

Field Work and Practicum

All students develop two applied community-based fieldwork projects. They develop relationships with community organizations, design a project based on mutual interests, and receive individual and group supervision to implement the project they design. Metropolitan Chicago has a large population of community sites to draw upon as resources for assisting in placing students in practica and job-related sites.

Master's Thesis

It is expected that the student's proposal for the Master's Thesis will be approved by November 15th of the second year in the program. The student's final Thesis is due by February 1st of third year in program.

Doctoral Comprehensive Exams or Project

The student is expected to take doctoral comprehensive examinations in the area of community psychology in the Spring of the 3rd year in the program. These examinations cannot be taken until the student has completed the master's thesis.  Another option is to conduct a comprehensive project rather than take an exam. The project involves the submission of an empirical paper, review paper, or grant application. The project proposal is due by May 1st of 3rd year (or within 3 months of completing thesis). The final comprehensive project is due by May 1st of the fourth year (or within 1 year of proposal acceptance).


The student should form a dissertation committee and begin work on the dissertation proposal during the third or fourth year. The dissertation proposal should be accepted by November 15th of the 5th year. The final dissertation defense should be complete by May 1st of the 6th year in program.

Oral Examination

Student is to defend his or her dissertation and to show competence in the general field of psychology and in the area of specialization.

Time Limitation

  1. Between admission to the doctoral program and admission to doctoral candidacy: not more than four years
  2. Between admission to candidacy and the final examination: not less than eight months and not more than five years.