Course Requirements

Minimum of 72 credit hours are required to earn the Master of Arts.

Core Courses

Statistics and Methodology Courses

Industrial Psychology Core Courses

Other Required Courses

Additional courses are required to attain the minimum of 72 credit hours, including PSY 597 MASTER'S THESIS RESEARCH. These courses should be taken with the consent of the student’s faculty advisor.

Degree Candidacy

During the Winter quarter of the second year of graduate study, each student is evaluated for acceptance as a candidate for the doctoral degree. Only those students who have given evidence of satisfactory academic performance as graduate students, and have had a research proposal for the master’s thesis approved, will be advanced. The department reserves the right to require the student to take special or oral examinations to fulfill this requirement. Students denied candidacy will be required to withdraw from the program or withdraw after completion of the M.A.  

Research Thesis

Complete a thesis on a topic approved by the department.

Thesis Examination

Either written or oral, the examination, in the field of graduate study, may be, but is not necessarily, limited to a defense of the student’s thesis.