Course Requirements​

The Counseling Program requires students to earn a grade of B- or better in all Counseling (CSL) courses. A course must be repeated if a grade below a B- is earned.  A GPA of 3.0 is required before CSL students are eligible to be registered for CSL 552 (Practicum).  A grade of B or better in CSL 552, CSL 553 (Internship I), and CSL 554 (Internship II) is required. Any grade below a B in CSL 552, CSL 553, and CSL 554 is a failing grade and will require the student to repeat the course.

Social and Cultural Studies Courses: 8 quarter hours required, grade of B- or better required

Counseling Courses: 28 quarter hours required, grade of B- or better required

Clinical Experience

Students complete their Clinical Experience during the last year in the program.  The Clinical Experience Courses include the Practicum, Internship in Counseling I, and Internship in Counseling II.  Students are enrolled in the Practicum course Autumn Quarter; Internship in Counseling I Winter Quarter; Internship in Counseling II Spring Quarter.  Students must complete a formal application process to participate in the Clinical Experience courses.  This includes attending a clinical orientation a full year before beginning the Clinical Experience, submitting an initial application, and securing a placement site.  Consult academic advisor for additional information on application and course enrollment process.

Clinical Experience Courses: 12 quarter hours required, grade of B or better required

All courses with the exception of CSL 512 and CSL 513 must be completed prior to being enrolled in the Practicum course.

Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree Requirements

Capstone project with faculty supervision written in conjunction with CSL 552, CSL 553 and CSL 554. Does not require additional course enrollment.

CSL 454


Ways to assist the individual to choose, prepare for and progress in a career. Vocational testing, sources for occupational information are described. Computer guidance programs designed for career exploration will be studied. Also, the study of vocational behavior in relation to career paterns with special attention to the analysis of empirical data and theories pertaining to vocational choice will be considered.
CSL 501 and status as an Advanced Masters Education student are a prerequisite for this class.

CSL 511


This course will be an introduction to the theory and practice of supervision in the counseling profession. There will be a focus on the basic skills necessary for effective supervision of counselors.
CSL 458 and status as an Advanced Masters Education student are a prerequisite for this class.

CSL 95


Students will be oriented to the expectations and requirements of the practicum and internship experiences in Human Services and Counseling

CSL 96


This milestone course ensures that all students have met the requirements clinical placement.

CSL 97


This milestone course ensures that students have secured a clinical placement that fulfills all requirements for Human Services and Counseling Program.