Curriculum Specialist Course Requirements

Core Curriculum Courses: 32 quarter hours (8 courses) required, grade of C or better required    

Electives: 8 quarter hours (2 courses) required, grade of C or better required 

  • 2 Master’s-level courses, chosen in consultation with CS faculty advisor    

Social and Cultural Studies Courses: 8 quarter hours (2 courses) required, grade of C or better required 

Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree Requirements:  4 quarter hours, grade of C or better required

Review of Literature and Integrative Paper completed in conjunction with faculty advisement

SCG 401


Current research and theories in human development relating to motivation, personality, learning and socialization. Case studies and an analysis of various developmental problems.

CSC 580


This course covers issues in the design and specification of object-oriented programming languages. Sample topics include the use of patterns in program representation, static and dynamic semantics, subject reduction, subtyping, inheritance, polymorphism, genericity and concurrency. PREREQUISITE(S): SE 450.
CDM graduate students in the Preqrequisite Phase are restricted from registering for this class.

Academic Standards    

Students must maintain a 3.0 average or higher to continue in the program.  Any grade below a C will not count for credit toward completion of the program.

Curriculum Studies with Teacher Leader Endorsement

Course Requirements

Core Teacher Leader Core Courses: 40 quarter hours (10 courses) required, grade of C or better required

Sub-Specialization (2 courses)

Elective Course Sequence: 8 quarter hours, choose 2 courses beyond the core coursework, students will be allowed to elect a sub-specialization from among the following graduate program areas:  

 Administrative Concentration Option  

Curriculum Studies Concentration Option* 

Bilingual Bicultural Concentration Option

Foundations Concentration (SCG) Option

  • Two advanced standing courses to be determined by the program faculty.
*Strongly encouraged for CS master’s students

Capstone Course Requirement

Students are required to take one of the Capstone Courses below to expand their knowledge in areas critical to school success.