Students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 prior to the completion of 36 credit hours and 3.3 after the completion of 36 credit hours. Students are allowed no more than two grades of “C.” Upon receiving a third grade of “C,” students must retake the class in which the grade was received. Grades of “D” and “F” require that the course be retaken. 

Course Requirements 

Core Courses: 28 quarter hours required

Research Courses: 20 quarter hours required

The research courses are sequenced and must be taken in the following order:

Elective Requirement: 4 quarter hours required 

Concentration Courses: 28 quarter hours

Candidacy Course: non-credit, non-tuition *


Dissertation Courses: 8 quarter hours required

*Course number for the Early Childhood Education Candidacy Paper course is still under development by the College of Education.