To earn a Certificate in Intellectual Property: Arts and Museum Law, a student must complete the 86 semester hours required for the Juris Doctor degree and satisfy all JD requirements. Within the elective course work required for the JD degree, a student must complete at least 15 credit hours from the listed courses and seminars and earn a minimum GPA of 3.20 in the Certificate courses. If a student takes more than 15 hours of courses from the approved list, all grades earned in those courses will be factored into the minimum 3.20 GPA requirement for the Certificate. All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise indicated. Students may apply for only one Certificate.

Previously taught courses, courses offered in other DePaul Colleges, and new courses and seminars that may be added to the curriculum may qualify for the Certificate with approval.  In addition, with approval, students may substitute a different writing seminar or a three-credit independent study for the required writing assignment. 

Academic credits received from law school journals, including the Journal of Art, Technology and Intellectual Property Law, do not count toward the credits required for the Certificate.  Students who entered law school in the 2011-2012 cycle or earlier may choose to qualify for the Arts and Museum Law Certificate under the requirements that were in effect until May of 2013.  These requirements may be found on the College of Law website.

Contact: Patty Gerstenblith, Distinguished Research Professor of Law and Director, Center for Art, Museum & Cultural Heritage Law.

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