The minor in Information and Computing in the Modern World offers an understanding of the mechanisms and impact of the internet and the media information stream it creates across the globe.

Course Requirements

IS 356


Survey of emerging technologies used for decision support, collaborative decision support, knowledge management, and virtual team support in modern organizations. The course will critically examine how organizations may leverage these technologies toward competitive advantage. Students will gain hands on experience with SaaS collaboration and decision making tools. PREREQUISITE(S): IS 201 and IT 240

IS 374


This course provides an understanding of software support for organizational decision making. Topics include: analysis, design and implementation of systems for decision support and strategic planning, including decision support systems (DSS), group decision support systems (GDSS), and enterprise decision support systems (EDSS), data warehousing, data mining and neural computing, and intelligent agents. Case studies, projects on applications, and evaluation of software. PREREQUISITE(S): IT215.