Although students are free to take course requirements in any order they choose, provided they have mastered the course-specific prerequisites, it is strongly recommended that students follow these year-by-year suggestions, especially regarding the first-year major courses.

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year


WRD 204


In this course, students learn to communicate and interpret specialized information for readers' practical use. The course highlights the action-orientated goals of technical writing and the importance of accurately communicating information to users. The course provides an overview of key issues related to technical writing such as usability, audience analysis, designing pages and screens, effective collaboration with peers, interpreting and presenting data, and writing clearly and persuasively. Students learn to write, revise and present common technical writing genres such as instructions, tutorials, manuals, reports, product/process descriptions, proposals, and oral presentations.

ORGC 212


A survey of the variables operating in group interactions. Combines principles with practice through participation in small group experiences. Topics include group formation, group formats, organizational approaches, decision-making models, group observation and evaluation. (Group) (Formerly CMNS 212)

INTC 220


Introduction to the skills required in a variety of public speaking settings. Includes units on delivery, language, defining speech purposes and content, finding supporting material, organization, and audience analysis. Students will be required to present speeches. Background in basic writing and library skills is necessary. (Formerly CMNS 220)