​The representation of the following Course Requirements on a year-by-year basis is just a suggestion. Students are free to take these courses in any order they choose, provided they have mastered the course-specific prerequisites.

First Year

In addition, students must complete one of the following three-course sequences: 

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year


MAT 172


This course is designed for students in the life sciences and covers some topics from MAT 152, differential equations and an introduction to the Calculus of functions of several variables. Specific topics are as follows. Numerical integration, partial fraction expansions, Taylor approximations of a function, differential equations, separation of variables, slope fields, Euler's existence theorem, polygonal approximations to solutions of differential equations, the logistic equation and allometric growth models, equilibiria of differential equations and their stability, applications of stability theory, functions of several variables, partial derivatives, directional derivative and the gradient. Course meets for an additional lab session each week during which time students will work on applied mathematics projects based on the topics covered in the course.
MAT 151 or MAT 161 or MAT 171 is a prerequisite for this class.