The representation of these course requirements on a year-by-year basis is just a suggestion. Students are free to take these courses in any order they choose, provided they have mastered the course-specific prerequisites.

Network Security Concentration

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year



IT 223


(FORMERLY CSC 323) Application of statistical concepts and techniques to a variety of problems in IT areas and other disciplines, using a statistical package for simple data analysis. Course topics include descriptive statistics, elementary probability rules, sampling, distributions, confidence intervals, correlation, regression and hypothesis testing. PREREQUISITE(S): MAT 130 or placement

WRD 301


Students examine the roles of writing (transactional, informative, and persuasive) in professional contexts and learn common features of workplace writing situations (internal vs. external documents, collaboration, distribution of expertise and authority, content management, globalization) and strategies for responding to them. They will also learn about stylistic conventions common to workplace genres (building an effective professional persona through writing - tone, document design) and their typical formats. Theory and analysis will ground discussions of production and production-based projects. Formerly ENG 301.

TDC 364


A detailed study of transmission, signaling and switching systems for facilities-based public and private voice networks. Voice digitization and transmission over circuit-switched and packet-switched infrastructures. Computer telephony integration techniques. Quality of service issues in integrated voice-over-data systems. Course may include laboratory work with PBX lab. PREREQUISITE(S): NONE.