Economics majors will be invited each term to participate in the Honors Track if they meet the following criteria:

Course Requirements

MAT 150  and MAT 151 may be substituted for MAT 135 & MAT 136.

Degree Requirements

  • Honors Track students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.300 (B+ average) in all economics courses taken at DePaul.  
  • Honors Track students must submit a paper written for any economics class that meets the following criteria:  (a) the student earned a B+ or better on the paper; (b) the paper contained a literature review based on at least 5 sources; and (c) the paper was at least 10 pages OR used econometrics. This requirement must be satisfied using a paper from a course taken at DePaul. Students should contact the Director of the Undergraduate Economics Program for submission guidelines. 

ECO 398


Special Topics. Content and format of this course are variable. All topics will include an in-depth study of current issues in Economics. Subject matter will be indicated in class schedule.
ECO 105, ECO 106 and (MAT 130 or equivalent) are a prerequisite for this class.