​The Irish Studies minor is an interdisciplinary academic program focused on Ireland and its place in the world. The purpose of the minor is to give students access to another culture in order to enable them to better understand the role of culture in human society.

The study of Ireland is particularly apposite for a number of reasons:

  1. Ireland has a rich history, culture and literature that in itself is worthy of study. 
  2. The Irish experience epitomizes a variety of processes which are of relevance to an understanding of today’s world. Among them are:
    1. an experience of colonialism and development
    2. the phenomenon of emigration and diaspora
    3. a changing interaction with adjacent countries
    4. finding a place in Europe and a globalized world
    5. searching for cultural identity
    6. coping with intercommunal, political conflict and violence, and reconfiguring the role of women in society
  3. How Ireland has dealt with issues such as the environment and the configuration of gender roles can provide a point of comparison for and reflection on American experience.
  4. The study of Ireland provides insights on how American influence impinges on other cultures.
  5. Irish immigration into the United States has proved to be a formative influence on the development of American society. The study of Ireland can contribute to the shifting search for personal and social identity within America itself.

Course Requirements

  • One course from Section A History
  • One course from Section B Literature
  • One course from Section C Nature and Culture
  • Three courses, chosen from sections A through F, with no more than one course from Section F Ancillary Studies

Irish Studies Courses

A. History

B. Literature

C. Nature and Culture

D. Experiential Learning

E. Independent Study

  • IRE 379 INDEPENDENT STUDY (a course, approved by the director of the program, can be taken with a member of the Irish-Studies faculty).

F. Ancillary Studies

Courses marked *are topical courses which may sometimes be on an Irish topic and sometimes not. Only when an Irish topic is offered – as given in the examples in parentheses in the list of courses above – will it count for the Irish Studies minor. When you register for such a course it will not automatically show up on the list of Irish Studies courses you have taken. You will need to contact the Director of Irish Studies at the beginning of the quarter, providing your name, DePaul ID number and SSN, and ask that the course be credited towards your Irish Studies minor. In due course the course will be credited towards the minor. This only applies to courses marked *. The process should work automatically for other courses.

Study Abroad: Dublin

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers a study abroad program in Dublin, Ireland, twice each year. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to get to know Ireland at first hand. It is not a compulsory part of the minor in Irish Studies. However, students taking part in the Study Abroad Program in Dublin who wish to take the minor in Irish Studies may gain credit toward it for two of  the Courses they take in Dublin – HST 398 STUDY TOUR Ireland in the 19th and 20th Centuries and HST 398 STUDY TOUR Irish Literary Tradition – which are cross listed with HST 268 IRELAND, 1800-PRESENT and ENG 355 MODERN IRISH LITERATURE.