Course Requirements

To attain a Bachelor of Arts in Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies, students will be required to complete successfully a 192 credit hour program, with a minimum of 52 required credit hours in the Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies program:

The four-course sequence PAX 210-212-214-218 forms the foundation of the program and should be completed in the first or second year of study. They do not need to be done in sequence. An internship, PAX 392, offered once a year in the fall, should be completed prior to taking PAX 350.  If possible, students should take the internship prior to senior year.  Seniors should plan to take the capstone, PAX 350, offered once a year. Two PAX workshops (2 credit hours each) can be completed at any time, ideally prior to senior year.

Senior Capstone

Students will do the capstone course in Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies, PAX 350, so that they can bring together theory and practices learned throughout the course of the major. PAX 350 is usually offered in winter quarter. Students doing study abroad during winter quarter of their senior year must do the capstone in their junior year.

For students doing the single major in Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies, it is recommended that they use an elective slot to take an appropriate methodology course in consultation with their major plan advisor.

Program Approved Electives

Courses cross-listed with any listed below are accepted as PAX electives.  Check with the PJC Director for topics courses approved as PAX electives each quarter or to approve a course not on this list. ​

LAS: African and Black Diaspora Studies

LAS: Anthropology

LAS: Catholic Studies

LAS: Community Service Studies

LAS: Comparative Literature

LAS: English

LAS: Geography 

LAS: History

LAS: History of Art and Architecture 

Honors Program 

LAS: International Studies  

LAS: Islamic World Studies 

LAS: Latino and Latin American Studies

LAS: Lesbian, Gay, Queer & Transgender Studies

LAS: Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies 

LAS: Philosophy

LAS: Political Science

LAS: Public Policy Studies

LAS: Religious Studies

LAS: Sociology

LAS: Women's and Gender Studies

LAS: Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse

College of Communication

College of Education

College of Science and Health:  Environmental Sciences/Environmental Studies

College of Science and Health: Psychology

School for New Learning

Open Electives

Open elective credit also is required to meet the minimum graduation requirement of 192 hours.