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October 15, 2013

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The minor in photography is a concentrated program of study that lets the student design her/his approach to the photographic arts. It takes the processes of optical and mechanical reproduction as its starting points and emphasizes the role(s) of photography historically through culture. A total of six courses are required for a photography minor.

​Course Requirements

Students majoring in Art, Media, and Design (B.A.) or minoring in Studio Art or Graphic Art are restricted from earning this minor.


ART 114


This course is introduction to the shared elements and principles of time based art forms. Course will examine those elements and principles on examples of three time based mediums: performance (body art), video and one of interactive art forms that uses Flash software. Students at the beginning of each three-week session will be introduced to the one of three mediums with gradual project development and execution at the end of three-week period. Lectures, demonstrations, exercises and in class and home assignments and assigned readings about the process, form and content specific to time based art forms, will be main the vehicles for delivering the course contents to students.