Course Requirements

In addition to the three core College of Communication courses, students take five required classes, three Public Relations and Advertising electives, and two additional electives from the College of Communication.  All Public Relations and Advertising  majors must complete a total of 13 classes, or 52 credit hours.

PRAD Capstone

Beginning in Winter 2013, there will be a new Capstone course for PRAD majors: PRAD 396.  During the transition period from Winter 2013 up through and including Fall 2014, all PRAD majors will have the option to take PRAD 396 or CMN 396 to fulfill their Liberal Studies Capstone requirement. Beginning Winter 2014, all PRAD majors will be required to take PRAD 396 to fulfill graduation requirements.

PRAD 396 is open only to PRAD majors with senior standing (132 credit hours).  Double majors who are completing the PRAD major may select either PRAD 396 or CMN 396, but not both.

Internship Credit

Students in the major may take CMN 394 or CMN 395 (when placement relates to the major) for credit. In order to take CMN 394 or CMN 395, students must have completed the three communication core courses (CMN 101, CMN 102, and CMN 103) and have fulfilled internship program eligibility requirements.

Open Electives

Open elective credit also is required to meet the minimum graduation requirement of 192 hours.

PRAD 340


This course explores the various ways marketers engage consumers with a specific goal of generating a purchase. This course will cover the basics of promotion, as well as the ways brands activate more image-based marketing tactics such as sports and arts sponsorships, cause marketing, and entertainment marketing. Students will learn how these tools can meet the dual objectives of driving purchase while maintaining a brand's image.
PRAD 244 is a prerequisite for this class.