In the CLS concentration, you will spend four years completing requirements at DePaul, followed by a one-year internship at a hospital associated with DePaul (currently Evanston Hospital). After completing your degree, you will be eligible for national board certification by the Board of Registry of the American Society for Clinical Pathology and/or the National Certification Agency for Medical Lab Personnel. Entry into the one-year internship is on a competitive basis

Course Requirements

Biological Sciences Core

Biology courses that fulfill the Scientific Inquiry Domain requirements, other than the General Biology sequence, do not generate credit toward the major.


One additional course in the following Calculus sequences:

Students may be advised on the basis of their performance on the Mathematics Diagnostic test to take one or more pre-calculus courses. 

Open Electives

Open elective credit also is required to meet the minimum graduation requirement of 192 hours. 


BIO 215


Study of organismal interactions; responses of individuals, populations and natural communities to their external environment. Lecture-laboratory. Lab fee.
BIO 193 is a prerequisite for this class.

PHY 152


Electricity, magnetism and modern physics. Laboratory fee. PREREQUISITE(S): PHY 151.
PHY 151 is a prerequisite for this class.