Course Requirements

The Environmental Science and Studies Capstone, ENV 350, is part of the Liberal Studies Program (see Liberal Studies Requirements).  ENV 350 is designed to allow students to reflect on their entire college career as they prepare for graduation.  It creates an opportunity for students to integrate their major and liberal studies coursework and to better understand how each informs and enhances the other.  Students in the University Honors Program and students with a double major may be required to take a different Capstone.  If this is the case, they may choose to substitute ENV 350 as one of their required 300-level ENV courses or as an open elective.

Open Electives 

Open elective credit also is required to meet the minimum graduation requirement of 192 hours.  

ENV 345


This course will acquaint students with the challenges, opportunities, practices, and transformative potential of urban agriculture. Taking an interdisciplinary, integrative, case-study approach, this course will explore issues such as food access, food security, food deserts, community gardening, farmers markets, locavore food movement, entrepreneurial aspects of urban agriculture, method of food production, community nutrition, and food consumption patterns. The course will meet both in the classroom and on-site at an urban farm, where students will work in all aspects of the farm as well as learn to organize communities in an effort to help them create food security and access to healthy food systems.