The Bachelor of Science program in Secondary Education Environmental Science prepares students to teach 6th through 12th grade in a variety of urban and suburban education settings, including public and private middle schools and high schools.

Students learn educational theories and effective teaching practices, participate in field experiences, which require observation and participation in teaching activities at multiple schools, and student teaching. Students should meet early and regularly with their advisor to design and monitor their program of study.

The program combines theoretical principles of education and field work with the student's choice of major.  Students follow a general pattern of study for middle school and high school levels.  In all cases, appropriate field experience plays an integral role.

Students entering the program must be able and willing to devote themselves to a program requiring a minimum of 100 hours of daytime field experiences in schools.  These school-based clinical hours are completed in conjunction with methodology courses that require students to spend a half-day each week in a school.  In addition, the student must spend a minimum of 11 weeks in full-time student teaching. 

Please make sure you consult the Liberal Studies Requirements, Major Requirements, and College Core Requirements for full degree requirements.

NOTE:  Secondary Education students now have the option to double major in Secondary Education and Environmental Science. With the double major, students will graduate with a Bachelor of  Science degree with a major in Secondary Education and a major in Environmental Science.  Students should declare Secondary Education as their primary major (see Secondary Education BA/BS for degree requirements) and Environmental Science (see Environmental Science BS for degree requirements) as their secondary major. If you have already begun the Secondary Education Environmental Science major and want to switch to the Secondary Education Major and Environmental Science  double major, you should contact your academic advisor because the double major may require additional coursework.  Students who pursue the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Secondary Education Environmental Science do not have the option to double major in Environmental Science.


Illinois Professional Educator License with endorsement in Secondary Education Science-Environmental Science (grades 6-12), an Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) approved program.​

Liberal Studies Requirements 78 hours
​Major Requirements 124 hours
​Open Electives 0 hours
​Total hours required 202 hours