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Winter/Spring/Summer 2014-2015
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October 17, 2014

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Students are required to follow the Academic Handbook and Code of Student Responsibility

Course Requirements

All students in the School of Music are required to enroll in the following music courses:

Musicianship  (36 credits)

Additional Courses

Applied Music 

Students may enroll in a maximum of 4 credits of applied study per quarter, with a maximum of 48 credits total. The requirements for applied study vary by degree program:

  • BM in performance, 48 credits
  • BM in jazz studies, 30 credits
  • BM in composition, 24 credits
  • BM in music education, 24 credits
  • BM in performing arts management, 24 credits
  • BA in music, 16 credits
  • BS in sound recording technology, 12 credits

Except performance majors, students may enroll in additional applied credits, which will count towards music electives.

Modern Language Option

If a music student wishes to study a modern language for a three-course sequence (12 credits), one quarter of language study (4 credits) may be used to replace a course requirement in Arts and Literature, Philosophical Inquiry, or Religious Dimensions. The remaining two quarters of language (8 credits) will be applied towards free electives.