Application Instructions: First Year Students

First-Year Student Application Instructions

  • You must complete all of the application screens in order to submit the application.
  • You may save an unfinished application to complete at a later date. Click the "Save to Finish Later" button on any screen.
  • Important: Remember to save your password. You will need it to retrieve your application if you save it to finish later.
  • If you spend more than 60 minutes on one screen, the system will "time out." This means your information will not be saved. To avoid losing your information, be sure to click to the next or previous page within the 60-minute time limit. You will always be able to go back and forth among application screens to complete your answers.

Admission Deadlines And Requirements

  • We recommend you apply by February 1st for Priority/Regular admission or by November 15 for Early Action Program admission. Applications are considered on a space available basis until August 15 by rolling notification. (Applications to The Theatre School must be submitted by January 15th. Notification of Music and Theatre admission decisions will be made in late March.)
  • Either the SAT or ACT is required, unless you are applying test optional. If your ACT or SAT scores do not appear directly on your high school transcript, request the testing agency to forward a score report to DePaul, if you have not already done so. Our college code number for ACT is 1012 and for SAT is 1165.
  • If you are applying test optional, you are required to answer several short essay questions. These questions are available online only. After submitting your application you will receive a communication on how to access the essay questions. Please carefully consider your choice to apply with or without test scores. Once this application has been submitted with your choice indicated, changes cannot be made.
  • Undergraduate students with international credentials are encouraged to apply as far in advance as possible. The deadline for undergraduate applicants with international credentials is two months prior to the desired entry term. Applications are reviewed upon receipt of all required documentation and applicants are notified in writing of the admission decision. Please note that it takes approximately 4-6 weeks to receive an admission decision once all application materials are received, so please plan accordingly.
  • If you have earned college credit while in high school, request the college or Advanced Placement service which granted you credit to forward your official record to DePaul.

Application Fee

DePaul does not require an application fee for undergraduate applicants.

Application Materials - All First-Year Applicants
Print a copy of the High School Counselor Recommendation form. Your counselor must complete it and submit it along with your official high school transcript to:

Office of Admission
DePaul University
1 East Jackson Boulevard, Suite 9100
Chicago, Illinois 60604-2287

Early Action Program
DePaul's Early Action Program (EAP) requires that you apply by November 15. You will be notified by January 1 of the year you expect to enroll at DePaul. If you are admitted under this program, you will:

(a) receive strongest consideration for academic merit scholarships (see scholarships​ for more information)
(b) receive priority consideration for advising and registration

NOTE: Music and Theatre School applicants are not eligible to participate in the Early Action Program. Music and Theatre School students will be given strongest consideration for merit academic scholarships if they meet the Music/Theatre application deadline of January 15.

Music and Theatre School Applicants
Music School Applicants: An entrance audition will be scheduled prior to rendering an admission decision.

Theatre School Applicants: Please submit one photo for identification purposes. In addition to the general freshman application instructions, the following requirements must be met:

Applicants for Acting Program (Autumn Quarter only)

  • Submit three recommendations
  • Send $25.00 audition fee
  • Schedule an audition
Applicants for Design, Technical, or Theatre Studies Program

  • Submit three recommendations
  • Send $25 interview fee
  • Schedule a portfolio review or interview
All additional application materials should be sent directly to:

The Theatre School
DePaul University
2135 N. Kenmore Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60614

Home School Applicants
Students who have been home schooled through high school will need to submit the following materials with the application and the $25 application fee ($40 if you apply by mail) for admission consideration:

  • An official transcript showing courses taken and credit earned
  • Standardized test scores (ACT or SAT)
  • Official community college transcripts for any courses taken
We also recommend submitting the following optional materials:
Listing of the textbooks used, especially the academic areas of math and science.

International Student Applicants

Education Credentials 
Submit official copies of your original secondary and/or higher secondary school records. These may include: yearly transcripts listing subjects studied and corresponding exam results, yearly marksheets, leaving certificates, Indeks/student books, Abitur, GCE O/A-level results, and diplomas. If applicable, submit official copies of your original post-secondary school records. These may include yearly transcripts, marksheets, exam results, final diplomas, degrees, or graduation certificates. Course descriptions may be requested at a later date.
"Official copies" are issued in the original language directly by your college or university. Copies must bear the official stamp and/or seal of the institution, as well as the signature of the appropriate official, such as the Dean, Rector, Registrar, Controller of Examinations, or Office of Teaching Affairs. Photo/notarized copies, facsimile/electronic mail transmissions will not be accepted. You may request in writing that original documents be returned after an admission decision has been made.

If you are applying as a transfer student with international credit, and are residing in the U.S., please have a course-by-course evaluation done in advance by an independent agency. The evaluation report should accompany your official transcripts at the time of application. DePaul recommends Educational Perspectives or Education Credential Evaluators (ECE) for this purpose.

English Translations 
Submit official translations of all educational documents originally issued in a language other than English. "Official translations" must be issued by a translation agency or university language department. The translation must be typed on official stationary, with the name, phone number and address of the translator. The translator must attest proficiency in the original language and must indicate that the translations are true and correct. Photo/notarized copies will not be accepted, nor will an evaluation of your education take place unless academic records are accompanied by true and complete, word-for-word translations.

Proof of English Language Proficiency 
All students educated outside of the United States must submit proof of English proficiency. A minimum TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 80 (Internet-based test; no section lower than 17), 213 (computer-based test) or 550 (paper-based test) is required for all applicants, although some graduate programs may require higher minimum scores. Please contact TOEFL directly to request an official score report; DePaul's TOEFL code is 1165. DePaul also accepts an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher in place of the TOEFL. Please note that TOEFL cannot be waived for any applicant educated in a country where the native language is not officially recognized as English. Waivers will not be granted to international applicants/non-native speakers on the basis of the following: education at a non-US school where English was the "language of instruction," US employment or US residency alone, completion of an ESL program alone. TOEFL may be waived (upon receipt of an official transcript) if an international applicant has completed the equivalent of DePaul's English 103 and 104 with a grade of C or better at an accredited institution in the US. TOEFL may also be waived for freshmen applicants who receive a 500 or higher on the verbal section of the SAT, or 18 on the reading and 20 on the English sections of the ACT.US.

Conditional Admission 
Students applying for certain programs who receive a TOEFL score below the minimum requirement and who meet all other requirements for admission to an academic program may be granted conditional admission. Students will be required to enroll in DePaul's English Language Academy (ELA) for at least one term and receive a minimum score of 550 on the ELA-administered paper-based TOEFL before registering for academic classes.

Financial Documentation 
Students who plan to apply for F-1 of J-1 student visa status are required by US immigration law to submit evidence of adequate funding to meet the estimated tuition and living expenses for their first year of study before an I20 (used to apply for an F1 student visa) or DS-2019 form can be issued. Please submit an original bank statement, issued within six months of your anticipated entry term, preferably in savings, reflecting the appropriate amount in US dollars. If you will be sponsored, request a signed and dated "affidavit" or official letter from your sponsor indicating the amount of sponsorship, as well as the sponsor's name, address, and relationship to you, accompanied by the sponsor's current/original bank statement. Please note that translations must accompany any letters or bank statements issued in a language other than English. Promissory notes or employer's statement of estimated earnings will not be accepted. Photo/notarized copies or email/facsimile transmissions will not be accepted. Any false statements made regarding financial responsibility violate US immigration laws. DePaul is not responsible of the amount of funds shown as available by the student or sponsor on the affidavit of support becomes unavailable after the date on this affidavit.

The Financial Affidavit of support and Transfer Release Form (for F1 visa holders currently attending another U.S. institution) can be found on the Student Visas section of the site.

Although financial documentation may be submitted after an admission decision has been made, applicants are encouraged to submit the appropriate paperwork as soon as possible.

Copy of Passport 
All students requiring an I-20 or DS-2019 form from DePaul must submit a copy of the identification page of their passport.

Transferring Your I-20 Form 
If you are currently in F-1 visa status and attending another school, college, university of English language program in the US and are admitted to DePaul, you must receive a new DePaul I-20 form. Please submit the financial documents and copy of your passport as outlined above, along with a copy of your current I-20 form, and the completed Transfer Release Form

Evidence of Immigration Status 
(For non-F1/J1 students) If you are on a type of visa other than F-1 or J-1, or if you are a permanent resident of the US, please submit a copy of the current visa page and I-94 card in your passport, or a copy of your Alien Registration card (front and back) as verification of your current status.

DePaul University is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

A copy of DePaul University's Safety & Security Information Report and Fire Safety Report is available upon request. The report includes statistics about crimes that occurred on campus and public property immediately adjacent to campus. The report includes institutional policies concerning campus security, sexual assault and other matters. It also includes fire statistics, fire safety practices and standards of the institution. A copy of this report can be obtained by contacting the Crime Prevention Office at (773) 325-7775 or by visiting the DePaul Public Safety website.