Graduate Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Application Instructions

  • You must complete all required questions in order to submit the application.
  • Supplementary items such as personal statements and resumes (if required by your program) may be emailed to the Office of Graduate Admission or submitted through the online application.
  • You may save an unfinished application to complete at a later date. Click the "Save to Finish Later" button on any screen.
  • Important: Remember to save your password. You will need it to retrieve your application if you save it to finish later.
  • If you spend more than 60 minutes on one screen, the system will "time out." This means your information will not be saved. To avoid losing your information, be sure to click to the next or previous page within the 60-minute time limit. You will always be able to go back and forth among application screens to complete your answers.
  • Within 2 business days of submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email from DePaul.

Admission Requirements

Electronic transcripts must be emailed to directly from the issuing institution in order to be considered official. Other required credentials may also be emailed to or mailed to the address below.

Please be aware that each of the graduate programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences requires different supplementary application materials (ex: writing sample, recommendations, etc.). In order to determine what additional materials are necessary to complete your application, please visit the Liberal Arts and Social Sciences website for the particular department/program to which you are applying or contact the office of graduate admission at (773) 325-7315 or

In order to expedite the processing of your application, we recommend that you submit the application without uploading the supplemental application materials. You can then choose the method by which you submit the required materials:
  • Email the supplemental materials to the office of graduate admission at
  • Use the link you receive by email after submitting the online application to upload your supplemental materials.
  • Mail hard copies of your supplemental materials to the address below:
Office of Graduate Admission
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
DePaul University
2400 N. Sheffield Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614

All documents submitted as part of your application become property of DePaul University and will not be returned.

Application Fee
The non-refundable application fee of $40.00 is payable online after submitting the application, or by check or money order payable to “DePaul University” and mailed to the address above.  Please be sure to include your name on the check or money order.

For International Applicants

Credential Evaluation 
DePaul University requires that you submit your official educational credentials and evaluation fee to one of the following companies:

Evaluations from any other company will not be accepted. Please contact the evaluation company for information on payment and fees.

After receiving your credentials, the company you have chosen will submit their general evaluation directly to DePaul along with certified copies of the credentials you submitted for evaluation. These documents will be used for your admission review – please do not submit any educational credentials directly to DePaul University. 

Proof of English Language Proficiency 
All students educated outside of the United States must submit proof of their English proficiency in order to be reviewed for admission. Students holding a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. from a regionally accredited United States institution will have the TOEFL requirement waived upon receipt of their U.S. transcripts.

DePaul University requires that all students earn at least 80 (ibt) with no section lower than 17 on the TOEFL exam to be considered proficient. However, most graduate programs require a higher TOEFL score to be considered for admission. Please visit your chosen program’s website for their specific TOEFL score requirements.

Please request your score report be sent to:

DePaul University
Office of Graduate Admission
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
2400 N Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

The DePaul University institution code for the TOEFL exam is 1165. We will also accept an official IELTS score report in lieu of a TOEFL exam.

Conditional Admission 
Some programs allow students who meet all academic requirements but have below the minimum TOEFL score to be granted conditional admission. Eligible students will be required to enroll in DePaul's English Language Academy (ELA) and meet the requirements specified before enrolling in the academic program.

The documents outlined below are not requirements for admission, but are necessary for the issuance of your I-20 form. Please note that I-20 forms can only be issued to students who are accepted to DePaul in full-time degree-seeking programs.

Financial Documentation 
Students who plan to apply for F-1 or J-1 student visa status are required by US immigration law to submit evidence of adequate funding to meet the estimated tuition and living expenses for their first year of study before an I20 (used to apply for an F1 student visa) or DS-2019 form can be issued. Please submit an original bank statement, issued within six months of your anticipated entry term, preferably in savings, reflecting the appropriate amount in US dollars.

If you will be sponsored, request a signed and dated "affidavit" or official letter from your sponsor indicating the amount of sponsorship, as well as the sponsor's name, address, and relationship to you, accompanied by the sponsor's current/original bank statement. Please note that translations must accompany any letters or bank statements issued in a language other than English.

Promissory notes or employers' statement of estimated earnings will not be accepted. Photo/notarized copies or email/facsimile transmissions will not be accepted. Any false statements made regarding financial responsibility violate US immigration laws. DePaul is not responsible if the amount of funds shown as available by the student or sponsor on the affidavit of support becomes unavailable after the date on this affidavit.

The Financial Affidavit of support and Transfer Release Form (for F1 visa holders currently attending another U.S. institution) can be found on the Immigration Matters Site.

Although financial documentation may be submitted after an admission decision has been made, applicants are encouraged to submit the appropriate paperwork as soon as possible.

Copy of Passport 
All students requiring an I-20 or DS-2019 form from DePaul must submit a copy of the identification page of their passport.

Transferring Your I-20 Form 
If you are currently in F-1 visa status and attending another school, college, university of English language program in the US and are admitted to DePaul, you must receive a new DePaul I-20 form. Please submit the financial documents and copy of your passport as outlined above, along with a copy of your current I-20 form, and the completed Transfer Release form.

Evidence of Immigration Status 
(For non-F1/J1 students) If you are on a type of visa other than F-1 or J-1, or if you are a permanent resident of the US, please submit a copy of the current visa page and I-94 card in your passport, or a copy of your Alien Registration card (front and back) as verification of your current status.
DePaul University is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

A copy of DePaul University's Safety & Security Information Report and Fire Safety Report is available upon request. The report includes statistics about crimes that occurred on campus and public property immediately adjacent to campus. The report includes institutional policies concerning campus security, sexual assault and other matters. It also includes fire statistics, fire safety practices and standards of the institution. A copy of this report can be obtained by contacting the Crime Prevention Office at (773) 325-7775 or by visiting the DePaul Public Safety website.