The heart and soul of any academic program is the curriculum and the faculty who deliver it. We have developed our unique curriculum with the strong involvement of local Chicago hospitality industry leaders and the members of our national advisory board. We have also asked senior faculty at four of the nation's top ranked hospitality programs to review it and advise us how to strengthen it. By incorporating this input, we created a powerful curriculum that distinguishes us from other hospitality programs. Our curriculum blends two primary concepts: hospitality industry knowledge and key business skills. Additionally, woven throughout the courses are five central themes: leadership, ethics, human resources, globalization and sustainability. By including these themes in many of our courses, we strive to deeply instill within students a sense of personal and corporate social responsibility embedded within an awareness of the larger world around them.

We have three primary curricular goals:

  1. Embed a true sense of hospitality within our students; that is, to create a bedrock belief that hospitality is about serving others
  2. Create industry leaders prepared to deliver hospitality to anyone who needs it, whenever or wherever
  3. Embrace the Vincentian mission: to share hospitality with the underprivileged and disenfranchised members of our communities

The Hospitality Leadership major is comprised of three components: the Liberal Studies Program (the broad, general education of members of our society), the College of Business core (foundational business skills), and the specific requirements of the School of Hospitality Leadership.

Business Core Requirements​ 66 ​hours
Liberal Studies Requirements 80 hours
​Major Requirements 22 hours
Concentration Requirements​ 24 hours​
​Total hours required 192 hours