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Erin Archer was named treasurer in January 2018. In this role, she oversees the treasury operations and liquidity management functions of the university, administers its endowment and other investment holdings, oversees the institution’s capital finance strategy and manages its debt portfolio. Archer also manages the commercial real estate of the institution and is responsible for the acquisition, disposition and leasing of its fixed assets. Since joining the university in late 2015, Archer has served as director of investments, associate treasurer and most recently, as interim treasurer.

In her prior career, Erin was an equity research analyst at various banks including Goldman Sachs and HSBC. She covered the US financial sector through 2008 from the Midwest, emerging EMEA initial public offerings from London, and Sub-Saharan African food and beverage companies from Johannesburg.

Erin holds an MBA in finance and economics and a BA in biological sciences, both from the University of Chicago. She is a CFA Charterholder.