Harper College University Center

The DePaul-Harper College Partnership

DePaul is pleased to partner with Harper College as a member of the Harper College University Center.

With this new partnership, you can complete your associate’s degree at Harper College and then finish your DePaul bachelor’s degree by moving directly into one of DePaul’s selected undergraduate degree programs – all on Harper's campus.

Academic Partner Scholarship

Your education is a major investment. And we know that cost is a significant factor in your decision to attend college. When you enroll in one of DePaul’s selected undergraduate degree programs at the Harper College University Center, you'll receive a special scholarship to help make your DePaul degree more affordable.

DePaul Degree Programs for Harper College Graduates

DePaul has developed customized degree programs tailored to your prior learning, training experiences, interests and intended career path — making sure you can get to where you want to go.

We recognize how busy you are. And we’re here to help. Our counselors and advisors will give you the road map and resources you’ll need to successfully complete your DePaul degree here.

We offer the following degree programs at the Harper College University Center:

Upcoming Harper UC Information Sessions

DePaul hosts on-campus information sessions at Harper College on select dates throughout the year. View our event calendar. 

The DePaul Cohort Program

You'll join a cohort for this program, which means you'll be part of a collaborative learning group or a “team of academic colleagues.” You’ll learn together, solve problems together and build relationships together.  Other benefits of our cohort program include:

  • Starting and finishing the degree program together. You'll develop a solid network over an extended time where you'll also have the consistent support of your colleagues.
  • Establishing life-long relationships. You'll establish a vital professional network that you'll carry throughout your career.
  • Sharing similar goals. Specific roles, talents or interests of the cohort members often vary, which gives each cohort its own profile and personality.
  • Scheduling your courses for the entire degree program. You'll be able to easily plan your commitments and manage your schedule.
  • Being taught by DePaul faculty. Our faculty members have extensive experience teaching working with adults like you. And they recognize that as a working professional, you need to balance the demands of home, work and school.

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