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May 15, 2013

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Students are required to follow the Academic Handbook and Code of Student Responsibility​​

If the University determines that an Administrative Hearing is appropriate, the first session of the Administrative Hearings will generally take place within five class of when a referred student is first notified of the judicial charge.  A mutually convenient time for the Administrative Hearing will be decided upon. If necessary, an Administrative Hearing may take place over the telephone.

The actual Administrative Hearing will proceed as follows:

  1. The incident report(s) will be reviewed by the Administrative Hearing officer.
  2. The Administrative Hearing officer and student will discuss the alleged violation(s) that occurred.
  3. The student will have an opportunity to give a statement about the incident, including an admission or denial of the alleged violations.
  4. The student will submit Witness names to give statements and be questioned by the Administrative Hearing officer. (See Explanation of Important Aspects of the Student Judicial Process—Witnesses.)
  5. The Administrative Hearing officer will review any relevant information and discuss the incident with the student.
  6. After the Administrative Hearing officer has examined all of the evidence and heard from all of the approved Witnesses, the Administrative Hearing officer will determine that the student is or is not in violation of the Code expectation or other policy outlined.
  7. If the Administrative Hearing officer finds the student in violation, he/she will determine the appropriate sanctions.  Any sanctions imposed become effective immediately unless otherwise stipulated.  Sanctions imposed by an Administrative Hearing officer may be appealed in accordance with the procedures detailed in the Judicial Appeals Procedures.  Students will be informed of these Judicial Appeals Procedures, including to whom a request for an appeal should be directed, at the conclusion of the Administrative Hearing.  The University will take reasonable steps to notify the complainant and referred student of the outcome and sanctions in writing within five business days of the last session of an Administrative Hearing, and will place all appropriate information in the referred student’s judicial file.

The Administrative Hearing officer will hold as many meetings as necessary to ensure a fair disposition of the case. If a referred student fails to attend an Administrative Hearing or otherwise participate in the process, the Administrative Hearing officer may decide the case based on the information available at the time.  Any imposed sanctions will be effective immediately unless otherwise stipulated.