The Master of Business Administration

The emphasis of the M.B.A. program is on decision making as the characteristic function of business administration.  It is the purpose of the program to integrate the several functional areas of business and the contributions they make to the development of administrative competence.
The M.B.A. degree program is taught on three campuses in the Chicago region and is available in four formats: Full-time Day at Loop; Part-time Morning at Loop; Part-time Evening at the Loop, Naperville and O'Hare campuses; and the Weekend Cohort at the O'Hare Campus.

Day M.B.A. (Full-time Accelerated)

The Day M.B.A. Program fulfills the business world’s demand for M.B.A. graduates with the ability to understand and manage complex business processes.  Students who choose this program option will take all of their foundation and core classes in a full-time, lock step format during the first three terms of the program. Upon completion of the prerequisite core courses, students may begin taking their concentration classes at their own pace.  Students in the Day M.B.A. Program may choose to specialize in any of the generally available MBA concentrations offered by the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. Admission is for fall quarter only.  

Available concentrations include:


Evening M.B.A.

All of the core course requirements for the M.B.A. are offered at the Loop and the Naperville and O'Hare suburban campuses.  Required core courses are offered every quarter at the Loop campus but variably at the suburban campuses.  All requirements are offered at least once each year at each of these locations.

Three full concentrations are available at each of the suburban campuses.  These are Finance, Marketing Management and General Business. Electives applicable to other concentrations will be offered variably at the suburban locations but it may be necessary to travel to Loop campus to complete concentrations other than these three. 

Weekend M.B.A. at O'Hare Campus

The Weekend M.B.A. Program is a rigorous yet rewarding program designed for the self-directed manager with an interest in using technology to supplement traditional M.B.A. course work. The curriculum provides knowledge in each of the major business functions along with specialized courses in Management and Finance such that students may earn concentrations in Finance and/or Operations Management as part of the weekend program.  Upon completion of the required core sequence of courses, students are able to select concentration courses from among the more than 35 concentrations available to part-time M.B.A. students. Please note that only the Finance and Operations Management concentrations are available in the weekend format.

Each course is taught as a blend of traditional lecture and distance learning formats. Classes meet on alternate Saturdays at the O'Hare Campus. Students will work via distance learning in the weeks between class meetings. Admitted students will proceed through the program as a cohort group. Admission to the program is for fall quarter only. ​​​