Applicants must possess the equivalent of a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution. A prospective graduate student is expected to present a superior overall previous academic record and an above average total GMAT score (or GRE score where appropriate) including high achievement on the verbal, quantitative, and on the analytical writing assessment. The examination must have been taken no earlier than five years prior to the date of admission to the program.

Other factors, such as work experience and career progression, are also important and will be considered by the Admissions Committee. All applicants are required to submit two professional letters of recommendation as well as a current resume.

All prospective students are welcome to arrange a meeting with an admissions counselor.  Please phone the graduate school office for an informal appointment.  Interviews are not required as part of the admissions process for the part-time M.B.A. program, but may be requested by the Admissions Committee. Interviews for the full-time M.B.A. and weekend M.B.A. programs are on an invitation-only basis. Once a completed application has been received, a preliminary review is completed and selected candidates are invited to interview.

Each applicant is considered on an individual basis. The full-time and weekend M.B.A. programs do have limited enrollments, but for the other graduate business programs there currently is no predetermined limit to the number of students who can be admitted. Thus, for these programs, all students who are judged eligible by the Admissions Committee will be invited to matriculate.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

To be considered for admission as a degree seeking student, an applicant will be required to submit a score from the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). GMAT information including dates, a list of test centers, and applications for the exam may be obtained at or by contacting Pearsonvue at 1-800-717-4628. The GMAT score report must come directly from Pearsonvue. A test taken more than five years prior to the date of application is not considered valid for admission purposes and would have to be retaken. An exception may be made for individuals who hold a doctoral or other terminal degree awarded by an appropriately accredited institution. An exception may also be made for fully certified CPA's applying to the Master of Science in Taxation program. Applicants to the Master of Science in Human Resources Management and the Master of Science in Economics and Policy Analysis may submit either a GMAT or GRE (Graduate Records Examinations) score. As with the GMAT, GRE scores are valid for five years.

Application Deadlines

For the day MBA program (Full-time):

Admission to the Day M.B.A. program is competitive and is limited to the Autumn Quarter. There are three application rounds, with deadlines of February 1, April 1 and July 1. Application review begins in January, and you are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Decisions are mailed on an ongoing basis beginning in January, and applicants should expect to receive an admission decision approximately 4 weeks after their application becomes complete.

Applicants who wish to be considered for scholarships and graduate assistantships should apply during the first two application rounds. These awards are generally not available to applicants who apply after April 1.

Late applications submitted after the final July 1 deadline may be considered if space remains available in the incoming class.

For the weekend MBA and MS in Economic Policy Analysis programs:

Applications must be submitted by July 1st. Applications received after July 1st will be considered on a space available basis.

For all other graduate business programs:

Applications must be submitted by:

  • July 1st for the Autumn Quarter
  • October 1st for the Winter Quarter
  • February 1st for the Spring Quarter
  • April 1st for the Summer Quarter

Applicants educated outside the United States must submit their applications one month prior to the above deadlines.


Degree seeking applicants must present official transcripts from each junior college, college, and university attended (even if only for one course) including DePaul University, if applicable. Credits transferred and posted on the record of a second school do not constitute an official transcript of the original school. Transcripts that are already on file as part of a student record in another College Office at DePaul may be required to remain there and in that case cannot be transferred to the Graduate School of Business Office.

Applicants should write to the Registrar of each school attended,requesting that an official transcript be sent to the student. Once all of the transcripts have been received applicants should submit them to the graduate school office in their original envelopes with the applicant's name, date of birth and  program of interest noted on the envelope. We will then add the transcripts to the applicant's admission file.

An applicant who is still taking courses or completing a program at the time he/she submits an application to the Graduate School of Business will not receive full admission until a final and official transcript listing the degree awarded has been submitted to the Admissions Committee. Please see Conditional Admission  and Non-degree Status for more information regarding admission pior to posting of an undergraduate degree.


A student previously admitted who has been absent from DePaul for one year or longer must complete the application form and submit a transcript of any courses taken elsewhere during his/her absence. A student must submit a written explanation of his/her absence from the program and an updated resume. A $30 application fee is required.

If the original application has been destroyed (after an absence of two years), the student may be required to complete a new application in full.

Special Instructions for International Applicants

Educational Credentials For International Students or Programs

Applicants must submit transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, including those attended but from which no credit was earned. Exceptions may be permitted for study-abroad credit when that credit is clearly defined and displayed on the home institution transcript.
Applicants with non-U.S. educational credentials for Winter term 2012 and beyond are required to submit their official educational credentials (e.g., transcripts, mark sheets, degree certificates, graduation diplomas) and evaluation fee directly to one of the three evaluation companies below:
  • Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
  • Educational Perspectives
  • One Earth International Credential Evaluation
These evaluators will then provide DePaul with a general evaluation of their studies and certified copies of their international educational credentials which will be used during admission review. Please direct any questions about required credentials to the evaluation company you have selected and not to the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. DePaul will not accept evaluations from any other evaluation companies and will not accept any educational credentials without an evaluation from ECE, EP or One Earth.

English Proficiency

Non-native English speakers who have not completed a bachelor's or master's degree in the United States should submit scores from a recognized English proficiency test. The Kellstadt Graduate School of Business accepts results from TOEFL, IELTS and the Pearson Test of English (PTE).