Using Undergraduate Credit for Graduate Courses:

All courses numbered 100 through 399 are considered to be at the undergraduate level and are not accepted for graduate credit.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit is not widely accepted at the graduate level. However, in certain circumstances and with the approval of the student's faculty advisor, it will be considered. In all instances, a maximum of two courses will be considered for transfer into any CDM graduate degree program. Course work that has already been applied toward a degree may not be applied as transfer credit. This transfer credit policy also applies to credit earned in certificate programs through the Institute of Professional Development.

Second Degree

CDM does not permit admission to more than one graduate program at a time. Under no circumstances may one course be used to satisfy requirements in multiple programs, except for introductory courses (i.e., waivable). Students may not repeat the same course for credit in multiple programs. Cross-listed courses are considered to be one course in this policy. Students wishing to apply unused courses from one degree to another must consult with an academic advisor.