All students are expected to be familiar with and are responsible for the policies included in the DePaul University Undergraduate Handbook and the CDM web site.

Grades and Credit Hours Requirements 


Students must earn grades of ‘C’ or above in all courses taken for credit in the major field.  Grades of ‘C-’ may be accepted for major field credit provided the overall grade point average within the major is 2.0 or above. All other courses require grades of ‘D’ or better.

Credit Hours

All B.A. and B.S. students must complete a minimum of 192 quarter hours of college credit. All B.F.A. students must complete a minimum of 208 quarter hours of college credit. 

Transfer Credit

Prospective students may transfer credit from an accredited college to DePaul University. All transfer credit will be initially evaluated by an Admission counselor; final course placement will be made by an academic advisor in the College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM). For specific information governing transfer admission and evaluation of credit, please consult the DePaul University Undergraduate Transfer webpage.   Current CDM students may take courses at another accredited college either in the summer or during the regular school year and transfer the credit back to DePaul University only with prior approval from an advisor in the CDM Academic Success Center. 

Liberal Studies courses for CDM students

A CDM student can take any CDM course approved for liberal studies credit and use it to satisfy a domain of the liberal studies program (LSP) provided the course is NOT required as part of the student's major.