Continuing students enrolled in the College at any time during the previous calendar year are eligible to register for courses.  Continuing students register via Campus Connection.

Registration in Courses in Other Colleges or Schools

Graduate students may be permitted to register for courses offered in other Colleges or Schools at the University.  Contact the College's Office of Advising and Student Services for more information.

Residence Registration

Whether in residence or not, all admitted graduate students, master’s and doctoral levels who will use the facilities of the University (library, laboratory, etc.) or who will consult with faculty members regarding theses, dissertations or examinations, must be registered for coursework each quarter.

Doctoral students must spend at least three consecutive quarters beyond the master's level in full-time study at DePaul University.  Full-time study is defined as registration of eight quarter hours in a quarter.  With prior approval of the department, the student may satisfy residence by coursework, by participation in seminars, or by research performed off-campus.  To reflect diversity of graduate study for the Ph.D. degree at stages other than the residency stage, doctoral candidates are full-time students who are registered for Independent Study (four hours); for Dissertation Research (four hours); or for Candidacy Continuation (non-credit).