​Students pursuing degrees in the College of Science and Health are to follow the Honors Program Requirements listed below:

Honors Core



Three courses of intermediate or advanced language study. Students who meet the proficiency requirement by placing at the 200-level of a language may consult with an Honors advisor for alternative Language & Systems courses.

Junior Seminar

The Honors Program is committed to developing students’ knowledge and cultural awareness so they may respect and learn from difference.  Honors students meet the multicultural requirement by completing HON 301, the Juniors Seminar in Multiculturalism. 

Senior Capstone

Students who choose to do a thesis must have their project approved at least one term prior to executing the project. To gain approval for a senior thesis, students must complete an application, including a project proposal signed by a faculty advisor. In keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of the program, the thesis should attempt to move outside the boundaries normally associated with one particular discipline and should be supervised by two readers from different academic fields. While the final product must be a substantial piece of work building on the student’s accumulated knowledge and new research, specific requirements for each thesis will depend on the nature of the project. See the Director or Associate Director for an application.

Honors Approved Electives

Approved Electives are chosen in consultation with an Honors advisor to achieve specific academic or professional goals. Courses completed for Study Abroad, 200-300 level courses taken to achieve a minor or a second major, or 200-300 level courses chosen to pursue an area of interest outside of the major can count as Honors Approved Electives. Students in Mathematics and B.A. students in Psychology have three Honors Approved Electives. Students in Health Sciences and B.A. students in Environmental Studies have three Honors Approved Electives. All other B.S. students have four Honors Approved Electives.

B.A. students in Environmental Studies are required to complete HON 180 DATA ANALYSIS AND STATISTICS.

B.A. students in Environmental Studies replace the two Honors Science courses with Honors Approved Electives.

Students majoring in Health Sciences who do not complete a statistics or calculus course for their major are required to complete HON 180 DATA ANALYSIS AND STATISTICS. The Ethics requirement for Health Sciences majors will be placed in the students' Honors Approved Electives.

Grade Requirements

A grade of C- or higher in HON 110 or 111 is required to remain in the Honors Program.

A grade of C- or higher is required to pass the following courses:  HON 100, HON 350, HON 351 and HON 395.