A student in a Master's Program whose GPA falls below a program’s minimum GPA requirement will receive a registration hold and be unable to register for classes. The student must meet with his or her academic adviser and make an appointment with the Academic Success Center to develop a plan for returning to good academic standing. Students who remain on academic probation for 3 consecutive quarters will be dismissed from the COE. Master's students may appeal to the Chair of the Department in which their program is housed for re-admittance or may apply to another graduate program.

Doctoral students who are fully accepted into the program will be placed on probation if their grade point average falls below 3.0 prior to the completion of 36 credit hours and 3.3 after the completion of 36 credit hours. The first assessment will occur at the end of 12 credit hours. Students will remain on probation until four additional courses are taken at which time a new evaluation is done. If the grade point average is not raised students may be subject to dismissal from the College of Education.