DePaul University takes its name from St. Vincent de Paul. The religious community founded by St. Vincent, commonly known as the “Vincentians,” established the University and endowed it with a distinctive spirit premised upon a deep respect for the dignity of all persons and a dedication to the service of others. In each succeeding generation, the graduates of DePaul have pursued learning in the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul. DePaul University College of Law has educated and trained leaders in the legal profession for nearly a century. Our nationally acclaimed programs and institutes prepare students to practice law at a sophisticated level in an increasingly complex profession.

But studying law at DePaul involves more than mastering technical legal doctrine. You have now become, and for the rest of your life will remain, part of the College of Law family. Do not hesitate to call upon any of us, faculty, administrators or staff, to assist you in whatever way that we are able.