​General Information

The Law Career Services Office provides career programming and advising for students and alumni.  The office and its advisors offer a wide range of resources to facilitate students’ career planning and search for employment.


The Law Career Services Office is committed to each student’s ethical and professional growth and development during law school and into future career positions and endeavors. As such, each student is expected to adhere to certain rules and responsibilities that promote ethics and professionalism in the recruiting and job search process.  Each student is required to read and acknowledge the Professionalism Agreement made available by the office before he/she is able to fully use Symplicity and office services.


Students and alumni are encouraged to visit Symplicity, the Law School’s Career Services site at www.law.depaul.edu/jobs. Symplicity provides links to various resources, including information on drafting r ésumé s and cover letters; employer recruiting and direct interviewing programs; directories on a wide variety of employers and resources; and a wealth of additional information.

Career Services Office

The Law Career Services Office provides Internet and Intranet-accessible computers, a printer, a photocopier, a scanner and a fax machine for use by students and alumni.  A library of periodicals, books and directories is also housed in the Law Career Services Office and many of these resources are available for student check-out.


Students are expected to keep their current contact information updated on their profiles in Symplicity as we use this information to regularly communicate upcoming job fairs, recruiting events, career-related programs and other relevant information.  Students must update their contact information on Symplicity separately from any updates made on Campus Connect as the two systems do not feed into each other.  Additionally, students are encouraged to regularly keep abreast of the information our office shares via our emailed newsletter, Twitter (@DePaulLawCareer), and our blog (depaul.law.typepad.com/depaul_law_career_service).

Internet Job Postings

More than 2,000 clerk and attorney job opportunities are received by the Law Career Services Office each year.  DePaul offers students and alumni access to these employment opportunities in both on-line and print versions.  On-line, the job postings are made available in Symplicity, a password-protected site, which can be accessed by logging onto www.law.depaul.edu/jobs. Students and alumni can obtain passwords by contacting or visiting the Office and can apply to any of these jobs after their r ésumé s have been uploaded to Symplicity and, with respect to students’ r ésumé s only, approved by their advisors.  On average, more than 200 job opportunities are posted at any given time for both attorneys and law students.

Job Fairs and Programs

Each year, DePaul participates in a large number of job fairs throughout the country. The Law Career Services Office also offers a variety of programs, including mock interviews, skill-building seminars, and monthly alumni panel discussions.  Current information on these programs can be found in the Law Career Services Office and in the event calendar on Symplicity.  Students are strongly encouraged to regularly check the information available on-line and in the Office. 

Career Advising

Career advisors provide career advice and guidance for students and alumni.  During the first semester of law school, students are offered a comprehensive orientation regarding the job search process.  Additionally, each student is assigned to an individual advisor in order to ensure that students have a constant resource available to them.  However, per the National Association of Law Placement Standards, Law Career Services is not allowed to offer job search service or assistance to first semester first-year students prior to November 1.

On Campus Interviewing (OCI) Program

Every Fall, the Law Career Services Office invites employers to interview DePaul students for summer associate and postgraduate positions.  While employers of all sizes are invited to participate, typically only the largest of employers in private practice, government and business participate in OCI.  While many employers participate in OCI by coming on campus to conduct their interviews, many employers opt to participate as a r ésumé collect employer, whereby they invite selected students to interview at the employer’s office.  Students should bear in mind that the employers who participate in OCI comprise only a small percentage of the overall employer pool.

Public interest and government employers typically participate in job fairs.  In Chicago, an annual Public Interest and Government Employer Reception is held in the fall.  All area law schools participate in hosting and coordinating this event.  Job fair and reception dates and descriptions are posted on the Symplicity event calendar.