​Student Responsibility for Fulfilling Requirements

Each student is solely responsible for ensuring that he or she fulfills all requirements for the degree being sought.  Graduating seniors should undertake an independent review of their records before they register for their final semester by running a degree progress report or viewing an unofficial transcript from Campus Connection.  If a prospective graduate has not fulfilled all degree requirements, he or she will not receive a degree and will not be certified for admission to the bar.

Note: Participation in the graduation ceremony does not establish entitlement to a degree. The actual degree award does not take place until the University completes its degree audit. Final certification of degrees is completed by the University Student Records Office and may take up to ten weeks after the commencement ceremony.

Application for Graduation and Certificates

JD, LLM, and JD joint degree seniors must apply for graduation on Campus Connection by the following deadlines:

  • June 1 for a July graduation.
  • October 1 for a December graduation.
  • February 1 for a May graduation.

Applicants for the JD degree must also complete a Career Services survey, available on Symplicity at www.law.depaul.edu/jobs, click through Profile > Graduate Student Employment Survey. Complete the entire form and finalize your answers. A survey is required. If you have questions, contact your career advisor.

Applicants for the JD must fill out and submit a completed graduation application. Applicants for Certificates must complete and submit a certificate application with their graduation applications. The on-line degree conferral application is on Campus Connection, www.depaul.edu. The graduation and Certificate applications are available on the law school web site, www.law.depaul.edu.


Commencement is held annually in May.  If a student is short no more than three credits for a degree that will be completed in July, the student may attend the May commencement ceremony. However, the student will not be awarded the degree until the credits are completed. A degree completed in July will be posted in October.

Academic Records Final

Academic records are locked upon degree conferral. Under no circumstances will changes be made to a student's academic record after a degree is conferred.