Course Requirements

To complete this concentration, students must take the following courses:

ACC 502


Interpretation, analysis and use by management of internal accounting information. Topics include cost management, activity-based costing, inventory management (including just-in-time), cost allocation, performance measurement, analysis and control of non-manufacturing costs, budgeting and financial planning, and capital budgeting. Students are familiarized with quantitative models and approaches used in management accounting. Computers will be used for problem-solving.
ACC 542 or ACC 555 is a prerequisite for this class.

FIN 523


This course provides an introduction to capital markets and financial instruments and emphasizes on security valuation. It is not a course on personal investing. The course builds on Fin 555 and covers relevant aspects of fixed-income markets, asset pricing, portfolio management, equity markets, and derivatives markets. The course provides background material for both Fin 662 (Derivatives Valuation) and Fin 675 (Cases in Investments and Financial Engineering). Prerequisite: FIN 555
FIN 555 and GSB 420 are prerequisites for this class.

ACC 599


Capstone seminar for M.B.A. students with a concentration in Management Accounting. Attention is directed to the current developments in Management Accounting. Students learn to exercise judgement in the solution of accounting-related problems by drawing upon their integrated and comprehensive body of accounting and related knowledge. This seminar involves extensive reading and research in the literature of management accounting and related disciplines.
ACC 502 is a prerequisite for this class.

SEV 621


The course examines strategic performance measurement, including the balanced scorecard and value-based management as frameworks for describing and executing strategy. The course will focus on the latest developments in Strategic Risk Management and the implications for strategy and performance measures. We will study how high performance companies measure and manage performance, strategic risk, and corporate sustainability performance, as well as the ethical dimension of strategy and execution. (This course is accepted as a core course the SEV Concentration and can be used as course in the Management Accounting and Financial Planning and Control Concentrations).

FIN 524


This course provides an introduction to financial statement analysis from a global perspective by focusing on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The emphasis is on the use of company financial reports to evaluate the historical, present, and prospective performance and financial soundness of a company for the purpose of financial decision-making. Prerequisite: FIN 555
FIN 555 and GSB 420 are prerequisites for this class.

FIN 551


This course enables the student to apply the basic principles of corporate finance learnt in Fin 555 and in Fin 553 to problems in corporate finance with the complexities encountered in practice. Through cases and discussion of topical issues, the course provides the student with an opportunity to analyze practical financial situations and problems. The course requires the student to be familiar with fundamental concepts such as valuation methods (WACC, Free Cash Flow and Capital Cash Flow, APV, Trading and Transaction Multiples), portfolio selection, CAPM, and analysis of capital structure. The course emphasis is sufficiently general so as to be of interest to a wide cross-section of students. At its most fundamental level, the course attempts to improve problem-solving skills that relate to problem definition, gathering and organizing the relevant information, developing feasible alternative courses of action, evaluating alternative choices, and recommending and defending the best course of action. In addition to analyzing specific problems or issues, the course will consider how these issues relate to the strategic objectives of the firm and examine the ?big picture? assumptions that are used in the numerical calculations. Prerequisite: FIN 555. Recommended Strongly : FIN 553
FIN 555 and GSB 420 are prerequisites for this class.