The concentration in International Business has a course requirement, a functional emphasis requirement, and a language requirement.
The functional emphasis ensures that graduates of the program have functional as well as international expertise.  The emphasis can consist of coursework in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, or International Trade Policy. 
Students concentrating in International Business must demonstrate competency in at least one modern language other than English.  That competence can be demonstrated by proper coursework or the successful completion of a language exam.  One year of college level language study is considered appropriate coursework for purposes of satisfying this requirement.
An MBA candidate with a concentration in International Business should have some international exposure outside of the classroom.  The work commitments of many of our students, however, preclude extended overseas activities.  As a result, the college has developed a series of international business seminars which provide students with international exposure in a time frame suitable for working adults.  These programs provide an excellent opportunity to expand the graduate business curriculum and increase exposure to other cultures.  The seminars are typically one to three weeks in length and scheduled to coincide with breaks between quarters.