The purpose of this concentration is to provide students with the necessary knowledge to operate and lead various non-profit hospitality organizations or functions.  

The realm of non-profit hospitality encompasses four primary domains: 

  • Social services such as soup kitchens, and overnight shelters for the homeless or battered women and children. 
  • Disaster relief efforts such as those provided by the Red Cross and FEMA during times of natural disasters and man-made catastrophe.
  • Internally operated foodservice operations for corporations, prisons, schools and other institutions. 
  • Volunteer tourism where travelers use their time and labors to give back to society, perhaps through restoring a historical or cultural site, or helping others in less developed nations, etc.  

Through the courses, the art and science of nonprofit management and accountability is explored.  The focus is upon key factors that affect human behavior, the nature and purposes of leadership, and managerial roles in non-profit organizations.  Non-profits are analyzed holistically, combining perspectives from law, governance, resource development, and financial concepts unique to the hospitality environment.  Students learn through hands-on experiences of existing non-profit organizations and through the analysis of historical case studies.