Operations Management deals with the value adding activities of the organization.  Any operation that  transforms input such as raw materials or human labor into outputs such as automobiles, mutual funds, portfolios, wireless phones or dinner at a restaurant, can be managed to achieve a better product or service.  The concentration in Operations Management will teach you the fundamental principles of effectively managing the production of goods and services.   The course sequence allows students to customize their individual track to focus on quality, technology or service management Regardless of the track chosen, students will study the basic principles of effective management of operations and the methods employed by world class organizations.  Graduates of the program have gone on to a variety of upper level management positions in both manufacturing and service organizations.

Completion of the concentration will provide students with the ability to

  • Manage operations in a variety of organizations
  • Formulate and implement effective operations strategy 
  • Manage processes to provide superior quality services and products 
  • Analyze and design superior business and transformation processes 
  • Guide large, multi-functional projects 
  • Lead the implementation of new technology and innovations 
  • Transform service businesses to provide superior operations