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Summer/Autumn 2013
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May 15, 2013

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Course Requirements

Students complete the Sports Management concentration by taking the following three courses: 

MGT 519


Students will examine the major issues facing sport managers in a variety of sport organization settings through course projects and case studies. Through the lens of organizational theory and behavior, areas explored include professional, Olympic, collegiate, and youth sport. Other areas of focus will include community and fitness centers, sponsorship, technology, legal issues, and emerging issues. Students will be exposed to various disciplines/careers through guest lecturers in the sports industry and learn current management issues from industry experts.

MGT 508


Organizations seeking to improve their customer satisfaction, operating efficiency, and profitability frequently turn to quality management initiatives--including; Total Quality Management, Business Process Reengineering, Six Sigma. and ISO Quality Standards. The lessons learned through the success and failure of these programs provide valuable insights to managers seeking to achieve performance excellence within their own organizations. The course relies on the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award framework and case analysis to explore successful quality management initiatives. Offered twice a year.

MGT 523


An advanced study of current recruitment and selection practices of organizations both public and private. Emphasis is placed on common tests that are used and an examination of these tests for applicability in specific situations. Legislation related to EEO an Affirmative Action programs are discussed. Offered once a year.

MGT 524


A framework of leadership and coaching is utilized to critically examine the effectiveness of several sports' coaches and their leadership/coaching styles, as they motivate players to achieve their maximum level of performance. Lessons from leading sports' coaches are then applied to the workplace, where managers motivate employees to perform to their potential. The course also highlights the importance of unique situations in both the sports and workplace arenas. Major topics to be covered include roles of coaches and players, skills of coaching, coaching teams, and "flow" in sports and organizations.

MGT 545


This course provides an examination of operating activities in service industries. Emphasis is on the principles of design, operation and control of service delivery systems. Lectures, cases and assignments focus on such topics as delivery system design, client interfaces, operations control, capacity management and quality control. Offered once a year

MGT 563


The nontraditional course relies predominantly upon experiential learning to enhance students' ability to get what they want through negotiation. It is a skill-building course designed to help each individual student become persuasive, both personally and professionally. The course makes use of lecture, class discussion, various stress negotiation assignments and a major bargaining exercise. It builds upon failures as well as successes, enabling students to identify their own individual negotiations style. Students completing the course will have developed the ability to compete successfully in future negotiation situations at all levels and to refine the tools and techniques they learned during the quarter. Offered three times a year.

MGT 598


This course covers management techniques that are applicable to a wide variety of project types including new product development, business start-ups, marketing campaigns, facility relocations, construction, research programs, and special events. Emphasis is on scheduling, budgeting, and control including the selection and application of project management software. Other topics include project organization, qualifications and roles of the project manager, project leadership, team building, and the management of conflict and stress in projects. Offered three times a year.

MGT 798


Content and format of this course are variable. An in-depth study of current issues in management.

MKT 798


Content and format of this course is variable. An in-depth study of current issues in marketing.