To maintain good standing, students must complete at least two NMS courses within twelve months of their admission to the program. Students must also maintain an overall grade-point average of at least 3.0 in their course work. Students whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.0 will be placed on probation and given two quarters to raise their average to the minimum 3.0 level. Students on probation are required to consult with the program director before registering for classes. Failure to meet these requirements constitutes grounds for dismissal.


A student may be dismissed from the program in any of the following cases: (1) failure to maintain a GPA above 3.0 for three consecutive quarters; (2) failure to meet with the program director before registering for classes while on academic probation; or (3) failure to complete at least two courses within sixteen months of admission to the program.


If a student is dismissed from the program (as outlined in the dismissal policy), he or she may reapply through the formal application process.

Transfer Credit

Students may transfer up to 12 credits (or three courses) of coursework taken in another program. The exact number of credits and courses that transfer will be determined by the program director. Grades transferred from other institutions do not calculate into the DePaul grade point average.

Undergraduate Courses

Students may count one four-credit undergraduate-level course toward the graduate degree, if the grade received in that course is B- or higher.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the program, students must complete all program requirements with a total of 48 credit hours (12 courses) and a minimum GPA of 2.8.

Graduation with Distinction

NMS students who complete their courses with a GPA of 3.85 or above will be awarded the designation of "Distinction." This honor will be announced at the graduation ceremony and recognized on the degree.

Time Limit

Students must complete the program within six years of their start date. Students who fail to complete the program within this timeframe must re-apply to the program.

Non-Degree-Seeking Students

All NMS courses, with permission of the Program Director, are open to non-degree-seeking students, with the exception of the following: NMS 501 and NMS 505.