A complete list of policies specific to the nursing programs of study is contained in the Nursing Student Handbook that is updated regularly on the website for the School of Nursing.


Graduate students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 in all academic work at the University. Students who drop below the required cumulative GPA will be placed on probationary status. Graduate students who receive less than a B- in any nursing course are placed on probation for a minimum of one quarter.


Graduate students who receive more than one grade below a B- in any required nursing course or less than a C in any one required course will be dismissed from the program. A grade of C or better is required in all allied field course requirements. A student may withdraw from a core nursing course ‘not in good standing’ (with a second “C” or lower) only once during their program of study. A second such withdrawal will result in dismissal from the program. If a student fails to achieve the above criteria, that student is NOT eligible to continue in the program and will be dismissed. Students who have less than the required GPA for two quarters will be dismissed from the program.


If a student leaves the program for any reason they must reapply to the program.

Transfer Credit

Graduate credit taken prior to enrolling at DePaul University may be eligible for transfer credit. Students who wish to have coursework evaluated by the department must submit a complete syllabus and other requested materials upon admission to the program. A maximum of three transfer courses from outside of the School of Nursing may be transferred to a School of Nursing program only with written permission of the director of the School of Nursing.

Undergraduate Credit

Students can earn graduate credit for some undergraduate courses and can also take graduate courses as an undergraduate which will apply to the undergrad and grad degrees. Check with your faculty advisor for details.

Graduation Requirements

A Master of Science degree in nursing requires a minimum of 48 credit hours. All of the programs require significantly more coursework beyond the minimum credit hour requirement. Students are held responsible for degree requirements as outlined in the university course catalog in effect at time of admission. The student is responsible for completing the application for degree conferral and commencement by the deadline posted in the Graduate Student Handbook.

Graduation with Distinction

Graduation with distinction is awarded to students with a cumulative graduating GPA of at least a 3.75 for coursework applied toward a particular nursing degree or completion of a thesis "with distinction."

Time Limit

The degree is expected to be completed in a maximum of six years.