Curriculum Studies programs at DePaul share a commitment to social justice, democracy, and critical engagement with issues affecting urban and marginalized students.  Our programs assist educators in reflecting on and strengthening their own practice and challenging themselves and their colleagues to work effectively for justice and educational excellence. Students use critical reflection to improve practice, engage in rigorous theoretical inquiry, and identify, address, and build coalitions around opportunities and problems in education. The Curriculum Studies program is designed for educators who wish to enhance their skills in teaching, curriculum development, or the administration of a department or educational program. It aims to equip leaders in a variety of educational settings with the skills necessary to develop, justify, evaluate, and modify curricula to better serve the needs of students, especially urban and marginalized students.

Licensure Option

Students seeking the Master’s degree in Curriculum Studies have the option to also pursue an Illinois teaching license or endorsement to teach other grade levels.  Please consult your academic advisor as an additional program application may be required.