The purpose of this program is to prepare educational personnel for administrative and supervisory positions in schools, business, and a variety of human services agencies. This discipline-based program includes concepts, research findings, and models of inquiry in social sciences. The program is also theory and problem-based in that it addresses the relevant theories of organization, leadership, and curriculum and contemporary issues likely to confront administrators and supervisors. Finally, the program is career-based given that it focuses on the examination of administrative and supervisory functions and objectives within a variety of settings and for different purposes.


The Educational Leadership Master’s program is an Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) approved program for the General Administrative (Principal) endorsement on the Professional Educator License.  ISBE states the following guidelines: 

Individuals seeking the General Administrative endorsement must: 

  • complete an approved general administrative program at an Illinois institution
  • hold a Master’s degree
  • have 2 years of full-time teaching or school service personnel experience accrued on a valid teaching or school service personnel endorsement
  • pass the Basic Skills or Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) and Principal content-area tests    

Upon completion of the Principal endorsement program and the additional requirements, students must apply for the endorsement. Students are to work with the College of Education’s Licensure Officer when applying for the endorsement.

Note: Courses in this program leading to the General Administrative Endorsement are designed for practicing educators and are not open to students seeking a first teaching license (Teaching and Learning).​ 


The Educational Leadership program has two concentrations: 

  • Concentration in Educational Leadership (degree only)
  • Concentration in Physical Education (degree only)